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Robert Mueller Brings Out the Subpoena Hammer on Another Witness

The number of people being subpoenaed and interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is growing by the week.

When Trump associate Roger Stone testified before congress months ago about Trump’s ties to Russia, he was asked to reveal who was his go-between with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Stone named his friend, radio host Randy Credico, trying to shift the blame to him.  Credico later released recordings revealing that Stone had threatened him with violence and even death over the matter.

Fast forward a few months and Ari Melber revealed that Robert Mueller is going to subpoena Credico. The Palmer Report explains:

“This isn’t particularly surprising. All along, Credico has seemed to hint that he wanted to testify, but that he didn’t want to be seen as a snitch by showing up voluntarily. So there is every reason to expect that Credico will comply with the subpoena. The larger question may be why Mueller is doing this now, and not six months ago, or a month from now.”

“Over the past week we’ve seen Robert Mueller line up key grand jury witnesses against Roger Stone, including Kristin Davis and Andrew Miller. It’s clear that Mueller is close to completing his case against Stone. In that context, hauling in Randy Credico can be seen as perhaps the final piece to the puzzle. In other words, look for Stone to be arrested soon – and look for Mueller to seek the extradition of Julian Assange.”

It appears that Roger Stone may be the next Paul Manafort.

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